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Friday 30 Oct. 2020

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Housing of 71 Percentages Villages above 20 Households Have Ownership Document at Khoy County 27/10/2020IRNAOwnership Document
Imam Khomeini Relief Construct 43,000 Housing Units for Deprived Person in Country 26/10/2020FARS News AgencyHousing and Building
Starting Executive Function of Construction 4960 National Housing in Small Cities of Lorestan Province26/10/2020mrud.irHousing and Building
For Development of Villages, Agriculture Lands and Environment Ought not to Be Destruct26/10/2020IRNARural Development
1000 Items of Rural Housing Facilities Is Paid to Deprived Persons in Qom Province 26/10/2020IRNALoan and Facilities
Opening 36 Projects with Amount of 15740 Billion Rials Credits in Hamadan Province 24/10/2020hamedanpayam.comProjects
Construction of 2300 Housing Units at National Action Was Started in Bushehr Province24/10/2020FARS News AgencyHousing and Building
Construction of More Than 2000 Housing Units at National Action by Housing Foundation of Islamic revolution in Elam Province 24/10/2020YJCHousing and Building
Issuance of Ownership Document for 90 Percentages of Rural Housing Units in Hamadan Province 21/10/2020IRIB NewsOwnership Document
Guide Plan Is Executed at 44 Villages of Qom Province 21/10/2020IRNAGuide Plan
Implementation of Guide Plan at 81 Villages of Zanjan Province 20/10/2020IRIB NewsGuide Plan
Housing Units at 66 percentages of villages above 20 Households Have Ownership Document at Salmas County20/10/2020YJCOwnership Document
Notification Amount of 3250 Billion Rials Facilities for Construction of Urban and Rural Housing Units in South Khorasan Province 19/10/2020YJCLoan and Facilities
84 Percentages of Rural Housing Units Have Ownership Document at Naqadeh County19/10/2020IRNAOwnership Document
Rehabilitation of Passages at Villages of Shooshtar County 18/10/2020IRIB NewsRehabilitation
The People Representative of Zahedan County Evaluated as Well Activity of Housing Foundation at Outskirts of City 18/10/2020IRIB NewsHousing Foundation
Allocation Amount of 700 Billion Rials for Reconstruction of Damaged Housing Units Due to Earthquake at Ramiyan County- Housing Units Are Completed within Beginning of Winter Season 18/10/2020Shabestan News AgencyLoan and Facilities
5 Plans of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Passages Operated at Kazeroon County 18/10/2020IRNARehabilitation
3000 Damaged Housing Units Due to Flood of Last Year Was Renovated and Repaired in Chahar-Mahal & Bakhtiari Province 18/10/2020IRNAReconstruction
Notification of Credits for Payment Damages to Damaged Villages and Cities Due to Flood14/10/2020ILNACredits
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