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Tuesday 26 Jan. 2021

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2000 Applicants of Loan for Deprived Persons' Housing Units in Kermanshah ProvinceNew25/01/2021YJCLoan and Facilities
3 Plans Was Ready for Opening in Chahar-Mahal & Bakhtiari Province New25/01/2021IRNADevelopment Plans
Implementation of 32 Guide Plan Projects at Cities of Fereydun-Kenar and Babol-sar Counties New24/01/2021danaGuide Plan
Amount of 91 Billion Rials Donation by Many Charitable of House Constructor Association in Lorestan ProvinceNew24/01/2021lorestan.iqna.irMany charitable of house constructor
155,000 Housing Units of Affected by Flood Regions Was Reconstructed in 21 Province New24/01/2021Tasnim News AgencyReconstruction
Construction of 443 Deprived Persons' Housing at Chardawol and Halilan Counties New24/01/2021BORNAHousing and Building
Payment Amount of 224 Billion Rials Free Loan for Rehabilitation of Clients' Housing in Fars ProvinceNew24/01/2021YJCLoan and Facilities
More Than Amount of 79 Billion Rials Spent for Housing of Frontiersmen in North Khorasan Province New24/01/2021IRNALoan and Facilities
63,000 Rural Households Are Enjoyed from Guide Plan in Golestan Province 23/01/2021MEHR News AgencyGuide Plan
Recognition of 9 Tourism Target Villages- 2150 Volumes of Rural Title Deeds Is Delivered within Fajr Decade in Lorestan Province23/01/2021FARS News AgencyReport
Payment Amount of 430 Billion Rials Gratuitous Loan for Deprived Persons' Housing in Golestan Province- Sweet Taste of Life by Delivery of 3000 Housing Units23/01/2021FARS News AgencyLoan and Facilities
Retrofitting 50 Percentages of Rural Housing Units in South Khorasan Province 23/01/2021FARS News AgencyRetrofitting
Opening and Picking Up for 9838 Housing Units in Golestan Province 23/01/2021YJCHousing and Building
Allocation More Than Amount of 120 Billion Rials Bitumen to South Khorasan Province 23/01/2021YJCConstruction infractions
Construction of 255 Housing Units at Villages of Sanandaj County 23/01/2021YJCHousing and Building
Implementation of Guide Plan at 406 Villages of Zanjan Province 23/01/2021ISNAGuide Plan
Opening of 326 Rural Housing Units at Malayear County18/01/2021FARS News AgencyRural Housing
Housing Foundation Construct House for Rural Deprived Person at Shirvan County18/01/2021Shabestan News AgencyHousing Foundation
Households Contain of 2 Disabled Persons Are Enjoyed from Resistant Housing Units 18/01/2021YJCLoan and Facilities
More Than Amount of 20 Billion Rials Credits Allocated for Coastal Wall Square at Raz and Jergelan County in North Khorasan Province18/01/2021IRNACredits
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